The Geobiology is the Western version of Feng Shui


Geobiology is the Western version of Feng Shui. It is an environmental study of the foundations of our houses and apartments, with the structure of the Earth's crust, (ground, basement, faults, ground water...); including magnetic pollution.....
It checks the health of a place, an apartment, a house or a company in order to optimize the existing energies. 

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The Dowsing (Radiesthesie) is the study of a place and its energy distribution. (Gilbert Le Cossec). The word dowsing was invented in 1890 by the father Bouly, abbot of “Hardelot” (Pas-de-Calais); "radius" ray and "aisthêsis" means sensitivity. It joins together the old practices of the “pallomacie” (the pendulum) and the “rhabdomacie” (the rod or stick).


Famous examples

The history of the pendulum and dowsing goes up to the beginnings of humanity. First known dating 2000 years Before JC in China with King Yu.
Moses new those techniques and he found the water at the “Hérob” rock to seal the thirst of his people.

The Roman legions used their knowledge in Cosmo telluric and geobiology to choose the establishment of their cities and they regularly asked for the services of waterfinders.



In complementary to a Feng Shui analysis, a geobiological study reinforces the efficiency of future installations.


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