The Art of living in harmony with your environment.


Feng Shui

Thousand-year-old Chinese art, resulting from the Taoism, it integrates several disciplines like topography, architecture and numerology. The role of the consultant in Feng Shui is to harmonize energies of men to those of the ground.

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During an audit, we examine the environment, the disposition of your installation, the different Energies as well as the correspondences with the occupants. Then we propose some recommendations to optimize the use of space, the correct circulation of energies (chi) and so to support your projects.

Field of intervention

Downtown or in the countryside, in apartment or residence, at your office or in your company, the energy surrounding your places of life is determining your own develop. We help you to make a success of your personal or professional projects and so to improve your present and to optimize your future.

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We collaborate with architects, town-planners, decorators, craftsmen of the restoration and so to offer a personalized service for you.



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